The Expat Opportunity


There are many different types of expats: some are posted overseas by their employer and do 2-3 year stints in a couple of countries and then return home. Some come as travelers, students or teachers and end up living and working overseas for a longer period. And some, like me, come for an adventure for a couple of years and never end up leaving! Whether you are a short term contractor, a long termer, or a lifer, the need to plan for your financial future is a constant. However, the method will vary depending on your circumstances. Over the next few posts we will consider each of these expat types and the opportunities available to them.

Today we will start with the shorter term expat contractors. If you belong to this group then I’m sure you are aware that you have an incredible opportunity to secure your financial future. You will probably never have as much disposable income as you have as an expat, and what you do with that income can really impact the rest of your life.

I recently spoke to someone who spent several years as an expat in Asia before returning to his home country and he told me: “I realise now that the investing I did in those years as an expat really set me up for a life of wealth.”

So what are some things you should be doing if you are here in Asia and enjoying the benefits of an “expat package”? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Make sure you understand what your base currency is. If you are unsure then this post will help you define it.
  2. Max out contributions to anything that gives you tax free growth first. This is most likely going to be pension type assets, such as a 401K or IRAs in the US, or ISAs in the UK.
  3. If you are paid in your base currency and receive a housing allowance in the country you are posted to, then you have a significant opportunity to invest back home or offshore. You may want to consider talking to an adviser both in your home country and a qualified expat adviser based in the country you are living in.
  4. Consider buying property in your home country, if you haven’t already. You have the option of renting it out while you are away, and you may achieve considerable capital growth over time too.
  5. Have a plan for how you are going to repatriate yourself and your family in case your employment comes to an unexpected end – you will need to plan for plane tickets, shipping belongings / furniture, and a place to live when you get home.

Most of all,  be sure to set aside some time for financial planning while you are away. The expat lifestyle can not only be fun and rewarding, but also incredibly busy. Make sure you don’t forget to make the most of the saving and investing opportunity of a lifetime.



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